Hello I am facing a project where I have to analyze lots of text data. Its data is not a typical text - it is all business plans.

Are there any useful libraries for Python I could use to evaluate the text/words of sentimental, grammartense, POS, and so on?

Maybe you have had a similar project and could recommend a library which is accurate to me!

Thanks in advance! Happy coding!


this Holmes Project would be very useful in your case, Build on SpaCy, this is specifically for English and German language, I haven't tried it yet, but looks promising, you can get to know everything in the Readme. Here is the Demo . you can also find Github repo where extensive readme is available.

I can suggest you the following, which are well maintained and have all features you required.POS, semantic, dependecy, stemming, stopwords, etc

  1. CoreNLP
  2. spaCy
  3. NLTK

and to achieve your desired results, from my experience you mostly required to use combination of libraries or tools, like I used once NLTK, SenticNet, CoreNLP together. You probably wont find everything in one.


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