In light of challenges using calibre, what are some alternatives for Linux?

My immediate requirement is to turn an HTML page into epub and then mobi for the Kindle. I've downloaded the page as a single page with a plugin through firefox, but various online services have so far choked. The file is viewable fine through Firefox even with the ethernet cable disconnected. So it's parsable and reasonable HTML, just looking to get the HTML into an epub.

Ultimate goal is to get the epub to mobi for a Kindle.

Quick and dirty solution preferred. No, pandoc doesn't work for this file.

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    Do you have a sample file you are trying to convert?
    – hcham1
    Nov 14, 2020 at 13:18

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Convert the HTML to PDF with headless google-chrome and shell scripting,
and then convert the PDF to epub format
(perhaps with an online coverter).

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