I take a lot of short notes. For that CintaNotes does the job. (The free version is adequate for the standard user.) I can create notebooks, tag each note, etc.

When I decide to write book or an article, CintaNotes is not good; better to have a Markdown Editor, like Joplin or Obsidian.

The problem is it is a pain to have notes in one app, and start copying them to another app (and some times I start taking notes to, say, Joplin, and forget to copy it to CintaNotes, etc.); all kinds of things that slow me down and work less efficient than it could be.

Is there an app which somehow nicely combines both modes?

  • Can you specify what both modes is? Short and long notes?
    – johan
    Nov 11 '20 at 16:18

Try Notion.

You can create nested pages as well as a database of pages. The database can have many properties including tags (you can set any name you want).

It also supports markdown.


For my use (which maybe is different from yours) I love using Google's Keep. Very simple, I use it on mobile, but synchronizes with the PC/web version, it is free and let's me dictate with a good ability in voice recognition.

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