I'm looking for a good web-app to store phone numbers and names of a group membership list.

"Good" means:

  • only members should be able to access the list (every member should be able to login via his own password)
  • the list should be stored relatively safe
  • every member should be able to see all other members and phone numbers after login
  • every member should be able to insert, edit and delete only his own phone number and name
  • should be easy to handle - as the members are not computer scientists :-)

Are there any good solutions out there for such specs?

Pricing should be not more than 10$ per month...

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    If you don't mind me saying so, but the requirements are a bit contradictionary. The combination of gratis and SaaS usually means you pay with your data (the provider must make a living as well). So "only members should be able to access…" is a bit illusory. Which means you'll need to compromise – either on the end of privacy, or payment. There might be exceptions to that rule, so best luck! – Izzy Nov 9 '20 at 22:47

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