I am looking for a computer hardware inventory system that have the following general criteria:

  • Cheap / Free / Open source - It makes things easier to get approved.
  • Can track the different devices we have around the office: Desktops, laptops, mobile devices, monitors, etc.
  • Reporting functionality.
  • History

Just for an idea of scale, we only have around 300 employees.

I seen other inventory systems that looks like it can do what I need but doesn't specialize in handling computers (if that even matters). Just would like some recommendations for software that is actually used in the IT industry.

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10-Strike Network Inventory Explorer is a fine tool for this (runs on Windows).

The tool can - scan your network and find all the available devices over LAN. - store the information on hardware and software installed. - monitor changes and notify you about that. - create reports on any information scanned (100+ built-in reports and the Report Designer function are available).

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