I am looking for the game that gives an AR view of the living room, and forces you to avoid stepping on lava . It uses the LIDAR scanner on iPad Pro 2020, and IPhone 12

Besides, are there any new cool apps, or games, that make use of the LIDAR scanner/sensor and new augmented-reality capabilities of the iPad Pro 4th Gen , and the iPhone Pro 12?

Both of these products were released in 2020. However, the app store does not give me any hints about AR apps.

In the [Apple Event Video] from October 2020](https://youtu.be/KR0g-1hnQPA?t=3554) they praised the LIDAR scanner as a tool for accelerating the camera-autofocus.

(At this time, on the "Ask different" SE site I cannot find any post mentioning "LIDAR", and neither is there anything useful on photo.SE).


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