I'm looking for a software that can work on PC (web or installed,doesn't matter) and Android. I need it to record who from my staff has certain assets. These assets are mainly laptops, phones, printers, and few other items like projectors and minor assets.

We currently do it in an excel sheet, and it's getting tedious to maintain as our assets and office grows in size.

I just need something where I can specify this asset moved from person X to person Y, or moved back to stock. I don't care for GPS tags. I don't care about network discovery. I do care about it having a mobile app that syncs with the main software. I don't care if it's self hosted or in the cloud, I'm more than capable of maintaining the software and connecting the app to it, if needs be.

  • For android - must it be able to be used offline? Can it be a mobile able webpage as well or do you need an installed app?
    – surfmuggle
    May 8 at 13:41

I would recommend you to try 10-Strike Network Inventory Explorer (more details are here 1). It is developed just for the routine like that. It automatically scans PCs and collects data on the software and hardware. But also you can add information manually: where you've moved an asset, to what person, where, and so on. Much more convinient than an excel sheet.

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