Looking for a CMS (or blog or wiki) engine what has the following attributes:

  1. written in Perl (modern style)
  2. uses Plack (server Starman or such)
  3. flat file engine, e.g. requires no external database engine (read: allows grepping, and vi-editing on the content)
  4. correctly allows/handles UTF-8 content
  5. have batteries already included, so uses:
    • most commonly used JavaScript libs (Lightbox and like)
    • any of currently mostly used CSS frameworks, like Twitter Bootstrap or Foundation or like (and/or allows easy template adoption)
  6. and have its own plugin API - so one can easily write plugins into it
  7. not abandoned

And would be nice if it has a built-in search engine.

So, simple CMS/blog/wiki what can be used as sort of publishing platform.

Is there something in the Perl world what fulfills the above 7 criteria?

What I already know

  • WebGUI (need a database)
  • PearlBee (need a database)
  • Bloxsom - could be +- OK, but it is (abandoned?) and CGI based (not PSGI)

Foswiki would be great, because:

  • uses flat files
  • have built in search engine
  • pure Perl
  • have macros, plugins and nice community ;)


  • it is like a spagethy inside (really old school engine)
  • has terrible UTF-8 handling
  • extremelly hard to change the site "skin" (templates) and the built-in ones are like from 1994
  • not PSGI compliant


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