I have a SaaS company and use jira for bug tracking. Now I'm looking for a collaboration platform that can do the following:

Instant messaging Document sorting storage and management with permissions settings Simple tasks/project management board

I use Evernote now and would like something similar with the ability to set permissions for different workspaces. Task/project management for larger projects (we use jira for the specific bugs and features)

I currently use: Skype for instant messaging - Not easy to keep "rooms" organized or well structured. Asana for project management Local computer and evernote for documents but no real way to share or set permissions

I could pay for slack, confluence, jira, asana but with 10 or 15 users this would get very expensive very quickly. Is there just one tool that can handle the above? I have considered Microsoft teams but started the free account and literally 5 minutes in was frustrated. I added 8 team members and it would not let me assign a name to the email. So basically I have 8 email addresses and no names within my team.

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