Recently, I came across an innovative Android keyboard that used well-under 26 letters to allow you to enter English text.

It didn't employ the old T9 data input method, or anything archaic like that. It was based on a completely new methodology for consumer virtual keyboards.

If I remember correctly, it had about 8-10 primary buttons, perhaps arranged in a hexagonal arrangement. The reviews were mixed, given that most people probably weren't willing to try something new long enough to become efficient at it.

The article I read talked about the developer trying all sorts of different key arrangements before landing on the one they chose to implement.

I've searched extensively for it, and I haven't been able to find it (again) yet. I think it was available from the Google Play Store, but I'm not 100% certain.

Please recommend an Android virtual keyboard that allows you to enter English text via less than 26 primary keys, and does not rely on archaic data-input methods like T9.

Any price is fine. Availability on Google Play Store not required.



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