I'm looking for the best 3D software to design animations with 300+ drones. It would ideally be something with procedural design features so we can easily change the design by tweaking some parameters.

Basically I am looking for the best 3D procedural design software that can handle the following constraints in a nice way:

  1. All the drones (that can be modeled as simple spheres, cubes or even points) need to keep a minimum distance to all other drones of 2 meter.
  2. A drone can never move faster than 3 m/s.

I'm currently working in Blender, for which I wrote a plugin that checks the distance and speed constraints. I am however looking for some software that just makes sure these constraints are always met, while at the same time allowing easy manipulation of shapes and animations.

Any ideas?

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I would suggest putting into your Blender model a constraints checker for the speeds and a collision detection either modified so that >2 meters between point sources are considered a collision or simply model your drones as some sort of physical representation plus a 100% transparent sphere with a 1 meter radius.

The Blender physics engine is quite capable of handling these sorts of restrictions. A very good starting point would be the Boids engine and provides "Max Air Speed" and "Air Personal Space" movement constraints.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2hzM7_vUxkA&ab_channel=BlenderInsight is worth watching.

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