I'm running a 'language club'. It's a members-only club where people come together in our own physical space to practice languages during different events (games night, cooking, music night etc).


  • Provide physical cards to paying members with which they can check-in to the club (like a gym)

  • Have an event calendar, with many options (repeated events, reminders,attendee limit, fixed number of non-members that can try the event, etc)

  • Is like a social network (members can send each other messages, post comments to events, view who's attending what events, etc).

So it's basically like MeetUp, but for members only, and with physical check-ins. Is there software that combines those two fucntionalities?

I'd be so grateful for the right tip. Thanks!

Already checked options:

We looked at 'gym management software' (like GloFox, GymMaster, PerfectGym), but they lack the member-to-member interaction.

We looked at 'private social network software' (like HiveBrite, DiscipleMedia, etc), but they lack the check-ins with physical cards, attendance tracking and so on.


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