Software package installation software apt, zypper etc all have a built in dependency tracking.

Is there any simple standalone software which is available for keeping track of library and version dependencies and maybe build tool dependencies for software built from source independent of the apt, zypper, dnf, yum ecosystems?

On doing a web search, there are lots of major commercial products available for keeping track of all aspects of project management which is far beyond my requirements, and I do not even need a web interface, just command line input/output with either text file or database storage

So the necessary elements would be, enter software label, enter needed libraries and versions, possibly build requirements. Then be able to perform a query as to what the dependencies are for a particular software item, or to be able to show a list of items which are dependent on a particular build component and its version.

  • Not facetious: could you describe what you need that a text file wouldn't provide? Sorry if I missed something in there already. – Croad Langshan Oct 19 '20 at 22:56

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