I'm looking for Firefox extension that is able to watch for changes on a particular webpage, similar to command line application urlwatch.

It should be able to watch

  1. large number of webpages (not limited by a small number e.g. 20)
  2. partial content on a webpage
  3. give little false positives
  4. it should be free
  • will this one do what you want?
    – graham
    Commented Oct 17, 2020 at 18:59

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I have used several different Firefox extensions that will accomplish your goals. The best one I have found is Update Scanner by sneakypete81. It is available here:


It is gratis (free of charge), and like all extensions, is open-source. I never had any issues with false positives.

However good it was, it was not flexible enough for my use. I continued to search for tools, and I eventually found WebChangeMonitor. It's not a web browser extension, but it is so much better than all the web browser extensions I tried. It is a portable standalone software for Linux and Windows. It is available here:


WebChangeMonitor is also gratis and open-source. It is very flexible, and will do exactly what you want. You can configure it to eliminate just about any false positive as well as detect changes in a specified section of any page. I highly recommend it.

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