I have to check several Hyperlinks in OneNote, because a website changed its content and thus all URLs are now different.

So, I need:

  • a tool that searches OneNote books for hyperlinks (external HTTP/S URLs) containins a certain text
  • Regex support for that pattern would be nice
  • creates a list of all affected hyperlinks and where I find them (i.e. a link to the OneNote page where the HTTP link is contained)
  • runs on Windows
  • works with local OneNote books (not the cloud version)
  • is gratis

I think Onetastic's Search & Replace in Hyperlinks is very close to what I need. However, I can't simply do a search and replace. I need to manually check each link and find the new one. Also, OneTastic is commercial and not gratis.

I can't use a "broken link checker", because some of the links may still work or be redirected, but to the wrong content.

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