Does anything exist for one person to rapidly set up a low-cost, full, self-hosted development environment out-of-the-box from scratch that can run without being connected to the Internet and includes as many of the following: some sort of bug tracker/to-do list, wiki, Git repository host e.g. Gogs, maybe file hosting/sharing, and a file-based CI tool such as Concourse that can leverage the power of a technology like Docker containers for build isolation and a binary repository such as Artifactory and deploying built artifacts into a locally-running Kubernetes cluster?

If some sort of development tools such as a common Java, Python, and/or JavaScript IDE are included, that would be a plus.

Security such as authentication is not necessary but would be a plus if it's a snap to set up and even easier to manage/maintain.

Being able to easily dump data and back-up would be more important. For instance, if all code and wiki files are stored in Git repositories, then following Git dump/backup best practices to get all the data out would be sufficient.

Single-user use is acceptable e.g. for a single-person project.

The ideal install would be to write an SD card image onto a micro SD card for a Raspberry Pi Zero W and I would get all this up and running as soon as it boots up.

The next best thing would be to attach an ISO image to a Virtual Box VM and run it off of the ISO image with data stored on the VM's hard drive.

  • Gitea (or even Gogs) should cover the first half at least (Git server w/ issue tracker, Wiki etc). I have it running on a Pi – just using the "single binary" from their releases section – and am pretty happy with it. I didn't play with CI, Docker or Kubernetes, though – but AFAIK at least CI should be possible. If that's acceptable as an answer to you, I could even offer a fitting systemd unit to have it dealt with on shutdown/startup ;) – Izzy Oct 14 '20 at 10:30

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