I'm looking for an audio speed control Chrome extension that works on SoundCloud.

I usually use Playback Rate Controller, but it doesn't work on SoundCloud (it seems that it doesn't recognize there's an audio file).

There's another one called Global Speed, but as it name suggests - it's global, meaning that the playback rate is set for all open tabs (existing or newly opened).

I'm looking for a combination of these two extensions:

  1. Allows to set the playback speed for each tab individually.
  2. Works on SoundCloud.

Any suggestion?

  • Global Speed did not work work on Sound Cloud for me. I was on Brave, a Chromium based browser.
    – mmmm
    Dec 31, 2020 at 5:42

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Global Speed has a pin feature to set a custom speed for that tab. In the options page, there's also a setting called "pin by default" that will automatically pin all new tabs (seems like the behavior you want).

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