So I am looking for a screenrecorder to install on my laptop. My aim is to have a good quality for videos with a small size (expect 1MB/min).


OBS-Studio / Open Broadcaster Software

You didn't mention a platform but I assume Windows or Linux or MacOS

If That is the case I reccomend OBS. It is open-source, free of cost and comes with many features. I have just tried reccording my own screen and at the default settings (high quality) with 1920x1080 at 60fps I got ~5Mib with a one minute video. You could of course lower the bitrate, fps and resolution to achieve less. Default format is .mkv. But you can choose from:

  1. .flv
  2. .mp4
  3. .mov
  4. .mkv
  5. .ts
  6. .m3u8

You can also directly stream to a service like Twitch or YouTube of Facebook.

As Input you can choose pretty much anything. Full Screen, single Window, area, webcam, Audio only...And of couse you can add them to get what you need. And you can add overlays as you might have seen on YouTube and Twitch.

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