I've a bunch of audiobooks. Each in one folder, separated into multiple files. I want to make one audiobook into one file (that works better for cheap mp3 players). I want to keep all ID3-Tag information, that is the same in every file (for example the title, alblum, year, picture, etc.).

I know I can join some files using ffmpeg. But there are so many parameters and I don't know which to use. Is there an easier way? May be with a GUI? Or a good plugin for an music player I did not found yet?

  • I've used some free components (non commercial use) from 3delite.hu now and builded my own delphi app. May be I can publish this on GitHub if there is any interest.
    – SuperNova
    Oct 6 '20 at 15:25
  • Fyi - there are also GUIs for ffmpeg like qwinff.github.io github.com/WinFF/winff
    – Z Z
    Nov 10 '21 at 13:19

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