I want to take all my iphone images and videos and back them up in my google drive. I have all the files in chronological order, but there are gaps between most of their file numbers because I delete a lot of photos/videos. So I want to rename my files: IMG_(1), IMG_(...).

I can do this easily with the options Windows has, by getting the files in the order I want them, selecting them all, and renaming the first file. But the system discriminates between file types when doing this, so I end up with all the image files numbered separately from video files. I end up with things like, "IMG_(2451) IMG_(61) IMG_(2452)". So the original point of renaming -- being able to simply click and organize by file name while maintaining chronological order and not having to click on date created -- is lost.

Any suggestions?

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FreeCommander will do exactly what you want.

It is available here: https://freecommander.com/

FreeCommander is very powerful and will provide the functionality to assign ascending filenames to each file, regardless of file type.

This functionality is available under the File menu, and is called Multi-Rename.

That's just the tip of the iceberg for FreeCommander. Its multi-rename functionality is truly outstanding.

Update: After losing important data due to FreeCommander bugs, I can no longer recommend this application. The developer simply does not perform adequate testing before releases, and does not have any dedicated QA testers. I do still think its renaming tool is excellent, and I have never lost any data using it, so I can still recommend its integrated renamer for your use, but overall the project needs a much higher level of QC to recommend it universally.

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