I'm looking for a web app to organize generic "items", that have,

  • a link
  • one or more images
  • some free-form text note

Ideally the web app would also support structured fields that I could sort by.

A typical example would be organizing potential houses/apartments to buy/rent, with the link coming from various real estate sites (so you can't use only one site's "Save"/"Favorite" feature), and the a structured field being the price.

Podio does this almost to a tee, but is no longer developed and image pasting is not supported.

Evernote doesn't support re-arranging list items.

Google Keep kinda does it, but you can't reorder the items when you filter by a tag, and it doesn't have structured fields.

Desktop Linux or Windows app would be OK, but web app preferred.

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You can try workflowy. It supports organizing links, notes in an outline. It supports tagging. But images aren't supported. There exists a chrome extension for images, but I haven't tested it.

  • Now, workflowy supports files and images as well.
    – xralf
    Mar 18, 2021 at 17:11

Looks like I've found the Podio killer - Notion.

Its database feature supports everything I've asked for, and the editing experience is much more inline than Podio's.

Notion database

Notion database views

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