I am looking for a javascript form builder / form renderer solution.

Formbuilder (https://formbuilder.online/docs/) or Bootsrap forms (https://bootsnipp.com/forms) are almost what I need, but I have two requirements which they do not support as far as I see.

  1. repeating inputs: during form building the admin should be able to define that a particular input can be repeated. In other words when the admin drops a text input, the admin should be able to specify min / max repetition for it. For example, if during form building the min=1, max=3, values were specified, then at form rendering / filling, the user will be presented with ONE input initially (because min=1), BUT has the option to create and fill max. 2 additional inputs.

  2. aggregating inputs to "blocks", and make these blocks repeating: during form building "blocks" can be defined which are subparts of the form. Then min / max repetition can be defined for these blocks similarly to 1. For example, on a form there can be 3 related fields (personal data forex.), these 3 related fields can be grouped, and for the whole group you can specify how many times it can be repeated when the form is filled.

Does anyone know of a form builder / filler supporting these?

P.S. I am interested in non-free soulutions too.

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