Our Digital and Marketing team is planning to buy/collect images from various sources like shutterstock and google. We have some images that we made ourselves too.

We want a common repository where anybody within the company can access these images. Example, marketing team will use for social media advertisements, web developers use it in websites etc.

Max 50GB of images to start with, then we can scale.

There should be a user management feature through which we can control access to certain users to certain folders.

Individual User, based on their access, need to have the ability view, classify, label or tag, share, upload and download images.

This is for business and we want it to be private.

Options I looked for: Flickr - does not have user management. FileCamp - Very close but 59$ per month for 50 GB.

Any other recommendation?

  • Self-hosted OK? Not sure if something like Pixelfed would fit in, but there are also several "web galleries" with user management, tagging etc, like Piwigo ("Designed for organisations, teams and individuals"), which seems to match your requirements quite well (see eg the feature list). – Izzy Sep 30 '20 at 21:30

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