I'm looking for recommendations on graphics libraries or game engines that would facilitate semi-realtime plotting or playback of local cartesian or geospatial data. Here are some details on use case and constraints:

  • Use Cases:

    • Real time display of an ongoing simulation that's generating data for consumption by the system I'm looking to create.
    • Playback and analysis of recorded data generated by the previously mentioned scenario.
    • Display of different data relations, e.g. Points 1-1024 belong to category A and are grouped for user interaction (colorization, hiding from view, etc.)
  • Constraints:

    • Configurable quality to allow for low resource requirements (can run on a potato PC)
    • Library/SDKs are open source
    • Display data sources are configurable (can be SQL database, binary file, udp messages, etc.)
  • Nice to Haves:

    • Inherently cross platform (windows or linux)
    • APIs are for C++, C#, or Python

Some things I've considered so far from my research have been:

  • ROS and Rviz
    • Pros: Middleware helps with data source abstraction, supports common geospatial interactions (translations, rotations, etc.), ROS2 is cross platform
    • Cons: Middleware and ROS setup can be complex. I haven't worked with distributing a ROS based program to end users before.
  • OpenGL
    • I'm not too familiar with directly interfacing with OpenGL, but my understanding is that I would have to essentially build an application around it/using it? It seems like everything from data inputs to user interactions would have to be self-made.
  • Game Engine (Unity or Unreal)
    • I have no experience with these, but clearly they're able to provide the performance necessary. I assume the deciding factor would be how useful the provided tools are for this use case.

Thank you for any advice you're able to offer!

edit: Spelling/typos


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