Need a library to display time block ( Eg: stylegoogle calendar ) but I found nothing..

Search Effort

Following keywords are searched on google, but it's hard to find a valid result because "block" is a synchronization related keyword. Most of time synchronization are time related... so I found nothing..

  • C# time-block style library

    ==> Most of results are time related or blocking / synchronization related.

  • C# time-block style framework

    ==> Same as above.

  • C# Google-calendar style library

    ==> Google calendar api related..

I've found the post for software suggestion for google calendar style but I need a library for C#.


  1. C# winform compatible. .Net framework 4.0+ are welcome. If there is no winform solution, wpf is also an option. No client or server. The final application which uses libraries would be a simple executable. Or any web base solutions.

  2. Run on personal pc. OS: Windows 7 / 10.


  1. Display:

    • The libary could display different time interval like google calendar. If two blocks have intersection, they could dock aside like Task A & B. If they are on the same date, they may stack up like task C & D.

    • Color and text could be modified.

  2. Interaction: Click is enough. Time blocks do not need to be draggable.

Any suggestion is appreciated.

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You can checkout WinForms Scheduler control which has day view to achieve the above requirement.

Note: I work for Syncfusion.

Syncfusion also offer free community license.

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