Long story short, we built a REST API server in my company for our own multiple different clients but:

  1. the codebase is way too complicated for what it does
  2. too many repetitions: the documentation, route validation, models, etc.

so I'd like to find a lazy/easy way to create this.

Actually most REST api could be written with:

  • a specification file for the routes and schema
  • a database instance
  • a way to customize a controller when you need to

From there, we should be able to create a server, a documentation and even a client (library / cli)

So I'm aware of openapi, but I couldn't find a good framework around it.

Swagger-codegen is promising but for ex for the server, it generates stubs (i.e. code) for you to customize, which is nice but doesn't seem quite scalable (or I missed something), like if your specification file evolves (and it sure will), you would want to generate the server again which would overwrite the part you customized.

Is there another framework that can basically create a REST api server from a specification file? Or maybe as a library that you can use server side, basically something that you can extend rather than modify

Also, I'm open to almost any programming language as long as we can keep our data on postgreSQL

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