I'm trying to grab two numbers representing the number of bytes that left from or arrived to my Windows computer since I last instructed this mechanism to "reset the stats".

I wish for these two numbers to be shown per-program, in either a plaintext or CSV or JSON format (or whatever format, really), such as:

cmd.exe     343454354   23234424
php.exe     343454354   23234424
palemoon.exe    243454354   23234424
winscp.com  343454354   23234424
ntkernel.exe    343454354   23234424
vlc.exe     343454354   23234424
TOTAL       343454354   23234424

I wish to be able to regularly call something like:


To show the above output, which I then import into my database, and then I call:

showmenetworkstats.exe --clear-stats

Or something to reset them back to 0.

This seems like an extremely reasonable request to me, almost embarrassingly basic, but it's now been many years and I've asked and searched all over the Internet yet never found any such feature built into Windows, nor even available as a trustworthy third-party (freeware) program either.

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