I know 2 programs, that can do this already on linux: kalarm and alarm-clock-applet. Both are heavy, kalarm due to akonadi and about 200MB of dependencies, alarm-clock-applet takes up CPU time, when checked with top, which is absurd for an alarm app.

I would like a recurring chime, at say, 1h (:00), 30m (:00 and :30). It can be a web app in addition to being a native app (though, it could be argued, that a web app is even heavier than kalarm).

Blip Blip under android is a good example of what I want (running it in a virtual machine is out of the question, please no VM solutions, not even java).


I found this:


and one can install Blip Blip inside Chrome:


Though, I am mentioning this as a curiosity.

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