I am looking for some solution for management of reports. Is it possible to create interactive PDF with functions like:

  • add images
  • add attachments like images, emails, files etc.
  • sending information to data base like date.

The template file may be crated in Adobe InDesing, but users has access only to Adobe Reader. Is it possible? Or what solution should I use? I need something to get me possibility to created reports with text, images, date, attachments like emails, files etc.


According to this document, Indesign cannot create PDFs with this functionality. Forms in Acrobat (see here) will let you add fields to a form that will allow the user to images and dates, but not arbitary files. These forms also have certain functionalaity for clicking a button to upload a PDF, as well as collecting responses from returned PDFs. It seems your use case requires a more advanced solution, such as a web-based solution such as Google Forms.

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