I would like to convert a few free textbooks to an interactive course format, where people can complete for example a book about emacs before proceeding to a book about lisp. It should have

  • Connections between one page or section and the next one. While free software like mediawiki or dokuwiki allows to present pages to the reader, these pages are usually poorly connected and are not ordered; if I want to create a connection from one section to a next one then adding a ‘next’ button is a manual procedure.
  • Visual representation of the connections between articles or pages. People reading the lisp book should be able to clearly, for example in a graph, view which other books will be the next step after it, and also which books are the next step to the emacs book which they completed yesterday.
  • Ability for users to mark which books they completed, so that the above mentioned graph includes markers of which resources the user already completed.

Is there any software with this functionality that you would recommend? It does not have to be a web site. I would be interested in considerations about what the storage format should be like, so that the above can be accessed not only as a website, but also as a part of a linux distribution for users to browse the courses locally on their own PC.

Ability to edit the content from the web like in a wiki is not essential.

Ability to host the content in a git repository would be a plus.

Should be free and open-source.

Cross-platform ebook collection Calibre is ok I will check how it stores the library - but I think it does not have depends of one book on another?

CMS for a site with lessons, tests, and scoring of papers moodle is ok but a bit massive and storageis in a db, making it difficult to interface it with an offline books collection. This also suggests scorm format which looks useful. Also I am confused as to whether either Moodle or SCORM will offer dependencies tracking, or a visual representation of the learning as a path or a tree.

These also look interesting but do not seem to track dependencies




https://directory.fsf.org/wiki/Cce-interact (used in a large install in New Zealand..)

https://directory.fsf.org/wiki/DotLRN based on OpenACS

This one I could not load the official web site



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