I would like to develop a app which is "offline first".

Which tools/stack do you recommend?

Required features:

  • The app I create with these tools should work in current browsers (Chrome, Edge, Safari) on desktop and mobile. No need to support IE11
  • No plugin or native app needs to be installed by users
  • open source (not GPL or AGPL run-time dependency)

Background: I want to write a simple chat app where the last N messages are available on the client. This way the user can read while he/she is in a train (offline).

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I'm not very experienced with developing progressive web apps, but I enjoyed getting started with Angular. They have a neat tutorial and you get a plain PWA in a breeze (see Angular service worker introduction). You'll get a service worker, so you don't need to write one yourself.

The development stack for Angular is based on npm, nodejs, TypeScript and unsurprisingly Angular itself.

Angular has an MIT-Licence, so the open source requirement should be covered.

If you make a PWA, the users only need a modern web browser, ne need to install software.

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    Sounds good. Don't ask my why. But at the moment everybody seems to be on the ReactJS hype. Thank you, I will look at Angular.
    – guettli
    Commented Sep 25, 2020 at 14:07

Could Blazor WebAssembly be an option? I recommend looking into it if you are at all familiar with C# and the .NET ecosystem.

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