I'm looking for a tool that is going to let us record decisions made and see them in the future.

The context is for a software company, and we have these technical kind of decisions, but they get lost and you've forgotten what was decided.

So what I'm looking for is basically some way to record decisions, record how that decision came about (did everyone agree? What caveats were there?) and later be able to search them.

This should be a web app, paid or opensource is fine.

Some features that would probably be good are:

  • Allow polls
  • Show who 'championed' or veteoed a decision.
  • Tags or groups for searching/organising.
  • Searchable.
  • Review decision functionality, ie remind you in six months to review a decision.

Note that I'm not necessarily looking for a consensus building/voting tool. That is - a manager or tech lead could make the decision that 'we are doing this', and the tool should allow it. At the same time, you would want to allow some decisions to be left to consensus or majority vote.

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