Please recommend a Firefox extension that will force JavaScript links on a user-defined site to open in separate new tabs.

More detail:

A web site (not public-facing, sorry) loads links via JavaScript. It loads them in a new tab. That's all good. The trouble is that clicking on a second link opens the target in the same tab as the previous link.

For example, site A is in tab 1. Clicking on a link in site A loads site B in tab 2. No problem. But clicking on another link in site A loads site C in tab 2. Problem!

Please note that each link is unique every time site A is visited.

I don't have any other requirements. All Firefox extensions are automatically open-source, so that's a given. No OS or price constraints applicable.

  • What is a javascript link exactly? LInks created with The Javascript String.link() method or old-school <a href="#" onclick="function(){opensomething()}">click me</a> code? For the latter case, Perhaps try Firefox extension Open Links in Tab
    – knb
    Sep 18, 2020 at 10:42

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This works if the list of links on that "user-defined site" never changes :

Do this once:

  • create a new folder, or a subfolder, in your bookmark bar.
  • Create a bookmark for each link on the page, and store the bookmark in the newly created folder.

Do this more often:

  • Move the mouse over the bookmark folder
  • Select "Open All in tabs"

This shows what I mean but the list is kind of arbitrary

[bookmark toolbar in web browser1

  • Thank you for your answer. That's a great idea. Unfortunately, every page being linked to is unique. All the same, I appreciate your tip. I'll also edit my question to include this relevant fact. Sep 16, 2020 at 8:04

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