I am trying to find a free analytics tool that supports adding an API as a custom data-source.

What I need from the tool:

  • good selection of possible graphs
  • self-hosted
  • customizability (colors, logo, etc.)
  • add your own connectors (e.g. for my own API)
  • open-source or free
  • nice to have: ready to user officiaL docker image
  • nice to have: PDF report creation
  • nice to have: plugins for e.g. google analytics

It is ok for me to code my own connectors, preferably there is some kind of python or other libraries I can use to quick start my work.

So far I've come across

  • Metabase
  • Superset and
  • Dataiku DSS

The first two were looking incredibly promising but fail when it comes down to the ability to add anything else than a SQL database.

Dataiku DSS supports everything I need but is not open source, thus has some constraints in terms of the number of users and supported technologies in the free version.

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