A short intro to give you an idea of my programming experience...

I have very little experience coding websites. I began to teach myself Apache / mySQL (b4 Oracle) / PHP many many years ago but it would be safer to assume I have no website development experience.

I did use Apple's now defunct iWeb about 7-8 years ago but that hardly counts, although I am at least capable of safely uploading files to an ftp server.


I've been using Apple's Xcode IDE for about 8 years and have taught myself Objective-C and Swift. I'm currently learning SwiftUI. I've released one entirely unsuccessful app onto Apple's App Store, but I've built a few prototype apps for various people as proof of (their) concept.

Prior to that I have many years experience in the practical use of Visual Basic for Applications, but I've never developed in Visual Studio, only within Microsoft Access, Excel and Word.

I have a reasonable understanding of SQL and can operate a SQLite database via Apple's macOS Terminal command line tool.

So I'm a hack self taught developer looking for a cheap and easy way to build a few relatively simple web sites for personal use...

  • two websites to support apps due to be released on Apple's App Store;
  • one website for a blog that will support a permaculture community food growing organisation that my wife and I operate;
  • one website for a small (personal) business that provides specialised consulting support to the construction industry;
  • one website for a family blog.

The app websites will need to display screenshots and screen recordings.

The blog websites will need to display images (photographs).

These websites do not need to be complicated, frankly and for the intended purposes, it will be better if they are simple.

I have looked at a few of the modern website builders that are available.

I also have just begun investigating the use of Swift to write websites.

I've even read the README.md file for John Sundell's Publish that can be downloaded as a Swift Package. That seems very interesting to me.

But! Before I dive headfirst into this, I thought to ask the question to this community...

Could you please recommend software or a workflow that will allow me to write and publish my own relatively simple websites?


  1. I have no intention of building websites professionally, this is a request for advice on how I might do this as an amateur programmer at little to no cost, apart from my time;
  2. I'd prefer to buy a book, than pay a subscription to a large organisation;
  3. Not really interested in flashy parallax features and animations;
  4. More interested in the sites rendering neatly in mobile and desktop browsers for all modern form factors.
  5. Also interested in others without programming experience (primarily my wife) being able to update content via some form of CMS.

Any questions, please ask. Thanks in advance.

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