I'm investigating tech-stack for application with following requirements:

  • mobile (iOS, Android)
  • multi-platform (one code base)
  • augmented reality functionalities
  • object recognition / tracking

In short: it will recognize objects on view from device's camera and show special, animated information about it.

My short list after research is: Xamarin/Flutter + ARCore + TensorFlow Lite. But I feel is not the final one.

What technologies/framework/SDK would you recommend for such kind of problem?

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We decided to use (maybe it helps someone):

Flutter + Unity 3D + AR Foundation + flutter_unity_widget

  1. Flutter - nice multiplatform experience
  2. Unity 3D & AR Foundation - enough AR and Image Tracking functionality
  3. flutter_unity_widget - to merge together aforementioned technologies
  • It definitely helps! Thank you for posting what worked for you! Commented Oct 22, 2020 at 23:29

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