Apple's Sidecar is a new addition to both macOS and ipadOS, allowing an iPad that is connected via a cable to be used as an external display and graphics tablet (with the Apple Pencil).

I am looking for software that allows me to edit RAW files coming in from my camera using the Pencil. This would ideally involve being able to draw colour and lighting corrections directly into the image on the iPad.

I would prefer a workflow similar to the old Aperture or Lightroom Digital Asset Managers (DAM): import lots of images, preview, sort and delete them on the big iMac screen, and for those that require editing, use the Apple Pencil to apply any edits that would be "drawn onto" the image. However, a pure RAW editor (where the app is only able to edit a single image at a time) is also ok.

A detailed list of requirements:

  • The tools may not require a subscription or image storage on the cloud.
  • Images must reside on the iMac's file system
  • Edits must be made using the Apple Pencil, but whether the image is visible on the iPad or iMac screen during editing is inconsequential

I have experimented with Affinity Photo until now, but found the ergonomics of their solution not optimal. Adobe software is out of the game due to their licensing model. I am not aware of any other DAMs at the moment that might be usable for this, so I'm open to any suggestions.

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