I use Team Foundation Services for all of my version control. I just "inherited" a PHP project that is not yet in version control and was trying to decide what toolset to use.

I am looking for an IDE along with a plug-in to allow me to maintain this project in TFS. Given the current economic situation and the fact that there is very limited development on the project I inherited, I was hoping to find something free.

I use Visual Studio 2019 Professional for the rest of my development. While there is a plug-in to allow PHP development in Visual Studio, it isn't free.

My initial thought was to use Eclipse. One recommendation was to use Team Explorer Everywhere; however, that is apparently not under active development anymore and doesn't even appear to be compatible with the latest version of Eclipse. I also saw this, but it's hopelessly out of date at this point.

I thought about using the CLI for TFS, but this is rather inconvenient.

Is there a solution to be able to use TFS with Eclipse? Alternatively, is there a better alternative that uses a different (preferably free) IDE?

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