I am looking for a browser that is free on the App Store that can view content that requires flash player, supports websites that use flash player and allows me to be able to play flash games from devices such as iPads.

I have heard that there are some browsers that support this but I am quite skeptical as to whether or not it works or not, whether the reviews are genuine and because they all cost and I am looking for a free app.

Is there a free browser on the Apple App Store which supports this?

  • Did you check that app? Was it helpful? Please provide feedback on the answer, and also let us know if you found another browser.
    – Neeku
    Jul 15, 2014 at 16:10

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Puffin Web Browser is the one that I use regularly. Not only it supports Flash, but also it has an embedded proxy, so that you can browse the internet anonymously, or even bypass censorship if your service provider thinks that they should decide what websites you should visit!

You can get the free version from here, but there's also a paid version of it available here. I've never purchased the paid version, since I'm quite happy with the free one. However I sometimes find it a little bit laggy when trying to fast-forward or rewind videos, but still it's better than nothing! (:

  • I use Puffin at my job and there is a version of it for Android now as well. The pay version supposedly gets rid of ads but honestly I am very happy with the free version. Puffin uses the Chrome browser engine with Flash installed. Sep 8, 2014 at 23:20

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