For 3-4 years I have been using the history thread of my browser (Firefox for desktop) as a study notebook: I browse in private mode but I have a regular window open where I drag&drop an URL I want to save. I also use the tags to make notes. I backup the places.sqlite file regularly and it is a nice 10MB of pure value.

I have had my first Android smartphone for 14 months now, and in order to fight atheroma I am in the process of tranfering as much as possible of my study / reading time to my mobile _ during walking _ (taking care to hold the phone high enough [and alternating hands] in order to keep good body posture, while also keeping an eye on Vuzix Blade-type [sun]glasses).

My problem is that Firefox for Android does not use the places.sqlite file, and the capacity of its history, and its display and editing capabilities are not up to par (no history navigation pane, no display of time of visit, which is important to monitor how much time I spent studying a given page). I have searched "android large history browser" to no avail. I don't want to use Pocket because the work accumulated in the history thread (de facto my study / research notes) is too valuable / strategic to trust to a cloud. Is there an open source browser with both a android and a Windows (8.1) version, with a history that can transfer both ways as a file / merge operations / edit on mobile / displays time on mobile / has a navigation pane on mobile?

arlb, Paris, France

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