I'm interested in android application with the following features.

It should enable reading a webpage with sentences which are played one by one beside a picture. What I'm looking for is shown in this video about this project

The application should enable better focus and readability. It should be optional to normal reading of the text.


I programmed it myself, with the help of stackexchange users. It's here. It's implemented for reading Wikipedia articles.

You can read the sentences approximately on by one next to the picture. There is a button Fwd (go forward one sentence) and Back (go backward one sentence).

You can add new Wikipedia article with the New button and then choose the article from the combobox (spinner). Every article can have one bookmark (where you ended reading).

  • In the case of software recommendations, I believe the "link-onlyness" should be interpreted so widely as possible, but I suggest to write more about your solution. – peterh Nov 10 '20 at 20:40

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