Our purpose is live streaming a competition held simultaneously in various locations: we have 24 competitors, each in a different location with a webcam, and an audience watching them. There will be a scoreboard and a live commentary.

Our requirements are:

  • a webinar/ web conference software that allows us to publish a stream with 25-30 participants streaming video and a joint audio track, and allows for possibly hundreds of people (audience) to join and watch the competition.
  • each member of the audience should be able to select individually which participant they see (e.g. by pinning them on their screen), and switch between them at all times.
  • the system should be reasonably simple to set up for the contestants. In principle, they could all publish their stream individually and separately on a platform such as Youtube or Twitch, but we would like to make life simpler for them: it is my understanding that joining a conference call / webinar on Meet/Teams/Zoom/etc. is an order of magnitude simpler than setting up a stream on Youtube/Twitch/Facebook/etc.

Google Meet does something similar, since attendees can pin participants on their screen, but in this case I want the same feature not only for active participants but for all passive viewers. There should be no single "director"; everyone selects which competitor they see on their screen.

Both free and non-free options are fine (I'd be surprised if there is a free one, frankly). There should be a reasonable number of different platforms that the contestants can use on their computer to join the webinar (at the very minimum a Windows and a Mac option).

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