I'm the managing director of a small charity and have other projects on the go. I'm looking for a way to manage the information, events, and requisite tasks. I use Linux, Windows and Android and ideally I'd like them to integrate. For Android, a home screen shortcut would suffice instead of a keyboard shortcut.

My dream is to be able to press control + shift + t and have a dialog open that will ask me to name my task. I press tab and it moves to a description box which I fill in. Then I press tab again to enter due date entering mode, then finally press enter and a task will be created which will be added to a list. This list will be accessed on each of my devices by just pressing a keyboard shortcut, and from this list I'd be able to check off.

I'd like similar functionality for Notes (similar to OneNote or Evernote) and Events (similar to what Google Calander offers).

I'm happy to put serious work into making this work, and I'm happy to share my solution online for free for all to use. I am decent at python programming and scripting on windows, and I'm willing to get my hands dirty if necessary. My mission is to become as efficient as possible, and managing all these things across multiple platforms, all of which being mostly reliant on mouse navigation, seems to be a large time-sink for me which I'd love to eliminate!

Edit: I am willing to pay premium subscriptions and base my solution around use of the associated APIs.

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