I found other questions on the same topic, I read the suggestions there and tried Grindstone and Fanurio, but both seemed:

  • to be centered around project / client management (I've already removed them but IIRC Fanurio even required me to create a client to enter activities on a project, that's too much);
  • more concerned about real time tracking (with Grindstone asking about the time spent in any window / application);
  • not to have the tagging and tag charting abilities that I'm looking for.

Hence I may not have chosen the best wording for the title / my web searches, maybe the software I'm looking for belongs to a different category.

I need a simple Windows application, with the following features:

  • ability to add time portions with the following info: day, duration, description, i.e.:
    • [1] 01/09/2020 5h added new functionality
    • [2] 01/09/2020 1h email and calls
    • [3] 02/09/2020 2h meeting
    • [4] 02/09/2020 4h bug fixing
    • [5] 02/09/2020 1h meeting
    • [6] 03/09/2020 2h installation & config
    • [7] 03/09/2020 3h software review
  • ability to attach any number of categories / tags to each entry
    • [1] project1, development
    • [2] project1, coordination
    • [3] project1, coordination
    • [4] project2, development
    • [5] project2, coordination
    • [6] project1, sysadmin
    • [7] project2 review
  • ability to later split / merge time portions
  • draw charts (pie as a must, but others could be interesting):
    • projects: project1 vs project2
    • project1: development vs coordination vs sysadmin vs review
    • project2: development vs coordination vs sysadmin vs review
    • even cross-property:
      • development: project1 vs project2
      • coordination: project1 vs project2

This will be only for personal usage; it will be compiled after the time has passed, so I'm not interested in things like: start time, end time, activity completed and such; nor I need any application or webpage time tracking in real time, not even any billing functionality is required.

  • Best is to tell which programs you investigated and what you missed (and what you liked), this will probably result in better answers.
    – albert
    Sep 5, 2020 at 9:57

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Hamster Time Tracker fulfills your requirements, except charting which can be done via export into your favourite spreadsheet app (e.g Excel).

Task Warrior or Time Warrior is another (easier to use on Windows).

Wikipedia's Comparison of time-tracking software lists many alternatives by Plattform and Features.


A couple of others to check out:


  • It is opensource.
  • Can be configured to use just date and duration instead of start/stop times.
  • Times can be entered manually, or use in-built timer if you prefer.
  • For each activity entered, you can add description, tags, etc.
  • Has a dashboard and some reports.
  • Ability to merge times is not available. But you can pay project owner to add a new plugin to do ths. There are some additional plugins here.
  • To simplify interface, you can remove modules not required.

Unfortunately most timetracking systems require Client, Project, but you can always use a dummy Client/Project e.g. "MySelf", "MyProject"...


  • "There are no tasks, only tagged time spans."
  • "With tags, Traggo tries to be as customizable as possible"...

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