We had a sort of wiki for our company knowledge base (it was made with Google Pages). The issue we have is that a lot of informations becomes outdated very quickely.

We think our ideal knowledge base solution would be a mix of Stack Overflow and a tool like Confluence or Notion.

The discussions would have a lifetime of about 1 or 2 weeks and when the question is answered - it is integrated into the knowledge base which has a lifetime of months/years. If later messages happens on the discussion, we would know which articles to update if things have changed because the discussion shows the updated articles from this discussion.

Ideally, we'd like to be able to convert discussions to knowledge base articles and to quote articles in discussions.

It could be paid or free tools are not an issue. They just have to be priced for startups (not more than $15/user/month, monthly payment, no upfront fees).

I know the existance of Stack Overflow Business that seems to provide approaching features, but I have issues with it:

  • The price and the upfront payment (it costs thousands of dollars the first day of usage, the trial is paid. We're a 10 people startup, not Microsoft)
  • I don't know how it exactly works and if the Articles are smartly linked to the Discussions
  • The articles editor. I plan to use the solution for sales and marketing people, I don't want to train them to markdown.

You need https://www.question2answer.org/ . I am using that for my business website QA section.

It is free and open source.

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If you want a tool like Stack Overflow for your team, you might try... Stack Overflow for Teams.

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