I don't know if this question has been answered before but I could not find any answer so I am posting. If found duplicate I am really sorry and guide me to the original post.

I am trying to learn how to connect JAVA and MySQL so I would like to create a table remotely using MySQL and access the data present in them using Java.

As I am using the organization laptop I cannot install any software so I thought of creating a table in some online platform and accessing it using my Eclipse but I could not find any website which allows me to create a simple MySQL table.

  • I tried AWS but here we have to provide Credit card information. I know the money won't be deducted unless I exceed the usage but still a bit skeptical.

  • Same with other many websites where we have to provide the Credit card info. I thought of using PHPMyAdmin but need to install the xampp or wamp server.

  • Thought of using the DOCKER but same issue. I need to install the DOCKER HUB as I am using Windows 10.

Is there any website where I can create a simple table and access the data remotely using Java?

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https://www.freemysqlhosting.net/ will give you a free 5MB MySQL database.


Digital Ocean

Digital Ocean will accept alternative payment methods, in addition to credit cards. This includes wire transfer, purchase orders, and ACH. See the FAQ on this page.

Looks like they give you $100 credit start to with. I don’t know if this requires prepayment or not.

Digital Ocean offers four database systems as a managed service: Postgres, MySQL, MongoDB, and Redis.

Keep in mind that you pay by the hour. Their pricing for both MySQL and Postgres starts at USD $ 0.02232 per hour, less than three cents per hour. So you can spin up a new database, use it a while, and then discard. Their dashboard makes it quite easy to verify that you have no instances currently running.

I have used both the Postgres and MySQL services briefly. I do recommend those specifically, and Digital Ocean generally, because of their clean design and attention to simplicity in all aspects including naming, pricing, startup, admin, and documentation.

By the way, I recommend using Flyway or Liquibase or some such database migration tool for automatically running a set of SQL scripts to furnish each new database.

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