Here are the options I've found:

  1. Zoom:

Zoom is good, good documentation and neat API, the problem with zoom is, basic accounts can only host meetings for 40 minutes and I need at least 50 Minutes per session.

  1. Cisco Webex:

Cisco webex has 50 minutes limit but I couldn't figure out if its possible to use the rest api with a free account, zoom lets me add 9,999 accounts under a paid account (Basics or Pro) and these accounts can host meetings created through the rest API (On zoom), I couldnt find any info about this on Webex.

  1. Microsoft teams:

Is Microsoft Teams Graph Rest API Enterprise Only?

Can I use Microsoft Teams Graph Rest API to create family meetings from my personal account? or do I need a paid office 365 Enterprise Account to consume the rest API?

If there are other easier options that meet the criteria I've encounter for the ones above, let me know,

  1. Google Meet:

It appears now you can create Google Meet meetings through google calendar rest API but it also appears that its only for Gsuite accounts.

Thank you!

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