Does anyone happen to know a software for the following use case:

Our company needs to access different (S)FTP servers of our clients regularly. Most clients are not tech savvy but use standard hosting and just provide us with a single account to access their (S)FTP server. At the moment every employee in our company must be able to access the credentials for these accounts at any time and can, via our password management tool.

Now when an employee leaves our company we'd need to basically ask every customer to change the password for the (S)FTP account that is provided for us, because the employee could have copied the old credentials secretly and access it without beeing permitted. This is quite a hassle because of the number of customers.

So we're looking for a software (most likely a server software) that can manage multiple (S)FTP connections and provide access to them for individually managed users without disclosing the actual (S)FTP credentials to the user that needs to upload files. So then when a user leaves our company we can easily terminate that users account with the software and he/she is unable to connect to the clients (S)FTP server again.

Is there any software readily available to accomplish this?

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