I am looking for a linux alternative for google-voice-typing. I came across mycroft which is actually a assistant.I am looking for much more minimal one. I just need the type words through voice while writing a document,or do a command on bash. While I used GSConect it didn't work correctly rather printed a single character and all remaining spaces.I am on Gnome in fedora32.

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I am also looking for a voice-typing alternative. I came across these two:

Both of them work via Python, and are easily installed.

Nerd Dictation

Personally, I have experience with the second, that served me quite well, both for Italian and English.

The workflow is as follows. You need to install the package and the pretrained model for the language you want to type in. Then, having a mic plugged-in, you spawn a terminal and run the command

nerd-dictation begin

Now, your speech input will be processed and inserted wherever you are typing. You need to manually stop the process issuing

nerd-dictation end

The command also accepts optional parameters and you can configure the default language model to be used. The documentation on the GitHub page will guide you.


I use Numen, which is a system-wide keyboard alternative for Linux.

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