I do a lot of daily back and forth through WinSCP which has bookmarks that are nice to have, but it would be such a quick workflow if there were a FTP app with a bookmarks toolbar like a web browser where all the bookmarks are one click away.

Does anything like this exist?



I use MobaXterm (not for FTP only). It allows to create FTP connectionbookmarks with credentials - https://mobaxterm.mobatek.net/


I use the free FileZilla which allows you to save credentials (and many other settings, e.g., whether active/passive FTP is preferred) in a "Site-Manager"- It is not a bookmarks toolbar though.

The passwords are stored in a config-file, encoded but not encrypted, on your disk, and you can retieve them relatively easily (FTP is insecure anyway so no need to encrypt FTP credentials in an XML file).

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